Carbon Tiptoes not a footprint

Repair your home appliances

Green People discount code and sale

Vat free at Comet - a star energy rated appliances for less at comet with their VAT free offer
John Lewis Eco Friendly products for the whole house
Buy a slanket and reduce your home energy bills this year. Buy one for a friend and keep cosy
You can get a discount and free delivery on slankets at Pressie Plus
In light of energy bill hikes I think this will be a wise investment!
Ectopia - discount vouchers for money off eco-products
Got cross about a local issue? Want more allotments for instance? Air your opinions in the local paper by emailing the letters page!
Spares and repairs - get the new bits to repair stuff. Saves money and the planet


Green Companies
Green car insurance - cheaper plus it offsets your CO2
Green Electrical Goods for your home at Pixmania

Carbon Tiptoes

Tiptoes not a footprint



Companes who can help you reduce your carbon footprint


Repair - best shop for spare parts Ibuyeco - car insurance that offsets your carbon! This is an excellent idea and one we think you should get a quote from!
British Eco What is your carbon footprint?
Uswitch to Greener Energy How to reduce your carbon footprint
Ethical Supermarket Sites we love. See other World Wide Web sites which we've visited and enjoyed. These are amazing sites we think you'll want to bookmark to revisit
Natural Collection BT will plant a tree - For every customer signing up for paper-free billing, BT will purchase a native sapling on the customers behalf for the Woodland Trust to plant.
Green Energy Suppliers StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble It! Click here to add our site to Stumble! It's an amazing way to travel the internet - download their toolbar and vote for the sites you visit - let them know about new sites and vote to say you like sites! Add reviews of sites too - a useful way of fidning new sites. Spend an hour stumbling round the internet with this site and you'll find yourself enjoying new sites and they'll all be amazing and interesting too! You can add themes to your profile to visit different types of sites or just the ones you're really interested in. They've got plenty of green issue sites to go through.
I've spent a couple of hours stumbling today and have found some amazing sites - it's renewed my love of the internet for being full of unusual and interesting sites that you'd never know existed otherwise.
Green People Office footprint - how to reduce it
Soapods - for eco washing Buying Carbon offsets
Marks and Spencers Fairtrade Clothing Can a car be green?
Even Greener Environphone - recycle your old mobile phone for cash! Recycling is fantastic when it can earn you £££
The Body Shop® Organic Food online and a free voucher to get £10 off from Natoora - buying organic and locally saourced food is a great way of caring for the world around us
DIY Eco products Currys - FREE delivery, connection and recycling on kitchen appliances rated 'A' for energy efficiency
Green shopping - fairtrade and organic at Simply Fair Nigels eco store
Gizoo Recycled shoes from london underground fabric
The Urban Garden - eco and made in the UK Myakka - Fairtrade furniture
Olive Oil Lamps Big Green Smile


Recycling wool - how to unravel a jumper - something my grandmother would have done regularly - especially as we were growing up and needed bigger jumpers!
Recycle your jeans - get them turned into a paid of sandals
Eco clothing from your own old clothes!
Ethically grown flowers - buy fair flowers
New - now you can buy the ethically grown flowers knowing that this will lead to a reduction in exploitation of the environment and people.
fairtrade clothing at ebay

The first Sustainable Living degree program in America at http://www.mum.edu/sustainable_living/.


* The B.S. in Sustainable Living / Environmental Science covers seven key areas:

* Self Sustainability
* Bio-Geophysiology
* Renewable Energy
* Sustainable Agriculture
* Eco-Architectural Design
* Green Business and Entrepreneurship
* Social-Ecological Interface

* Real-world internships and professional certifications are a featured part of the program.

* Consciousness-Based education develops your mind and body as the basis for creating sustainability in the world.

* Our students take one course at a time -- they're immersed full time in the course for about 4 weeks -- and then move on to the next course.

* The University serves organic vegetarian meals daily -- often with locally grown produce.

* Upon graduating, students have the option of taking a one-year MBA with Sustainable Living emphasis.

Information from
Craig Shaw
Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, IA 52557

641 472-7000 x4021

Green Events

International Compost Awareness Week: Sunday 06 May - Saturday 12 May 2007
National Vegetarian Week: Monday 21 May – Sunday 27 May 2007


Sites to amaze the green web user The road to Sweden's oil-free future making biogas
Whole Foods Market - ORGANIC local food  


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